Mining calculator

This page calculates how many sats you can earn during mining.

How much you earn depends on the current prize pool, the global hash rate and how many ASICs you have:

We start our calculation with expected return per emerald stack and then extrapolate to block stacks and how many ASICs we have:

We know that one emerald stack can fuel one ASIC for 64,000 seconds yielding 10 hash rate. [1]

This means we can mine for about 1067 minutes (~17.78 hours). Since the block reward is every 10 minutes, we have a chance to win in 106 block rewards.

Every block reward is 0.69% of the current prize pool which gets deducted from it. This means that 0 sats will be payed out over 106 block rewards. Under the given conditions, our chance to win a block reward is 1.00% with a single ASIC (1.00% using 1 ASICs). To simplify the calculation, let's assume we always win 1.00% of every block reward. [2]

Using this simplified model, we can therefore expect to win 0 sats per emerald stack, 0 sats per emerald block stack or 0 sats per 1 ASICs:

[1] the server consumes one emerald after 20k ticks and the server tickrate is 20 ticks per second: 0.05s/tick × 20k ticks × 64 = 64k seconds/stack

[2] In reality, we only win full block rewards and our total return depends on when we win: it is larger when we win early.